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Cash Management for Small Businesses. Elegantly Simple.

Cash-flow Management

Billing & Invoicing


We believe in simplicity…

Make smarter decisions with cash-flow on your fingertips!

Monitor cash in hand. Anytime. Anywhere.
Track income and expense on your personalized dashboard.
Keep tab on all Unpaid transactions, including Overdue (Aging) invoices.
Manage all overdue (aging) transactions from one spot.
Project future cash-flow and make smarter decisions.

Jazz up your invoices. Effortlessly.

Impress your customers with elegant quotes, estimates and invoices.

Personalize with your logo.
Track customer quotes and invoices. Manage vendor invoices at ease.
Rank top customers and vendors instantly.
Manage customer and vendor invoices, receivables & payables.
Manage Payments.

Stay Legal, Stay Secure, Stay Informed. Stay on top of your Game!

Upload invoices at ease – capture directly from your smart devices.
Upload now and index at leisure with smart tags that learn and adapt to your input.
Advanced Search feature finds previous transactions in record speed.
Most states mandate small businesses to retain sales and expense related invoices for up to 6 years.
We pick-up, scan, upload, index, store, audit and shred your invoices for you.

Features for all

Stay stress-free with bank-level encryption and automatic back-ups.

Take timely actions by configuring smart alerts & reminders.

Collaborate with your team and accountant.

Provide flexible access to employees through multiple user logins.

Create sophisticated reports. Choose from the standard options or sketch up a custom.

Export in formats compatible with most business software.

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Client Testimonials

I used Zabumba for a Real Estate Development project and was extremely pleased with the end results. The software was very user friendly and enabled me to quickly catalog thousands of transactions. With Zabumba I was able to effectively manage our company's cash flow with accuracy and efficiency.

Aksh B. - Weston Investments

I have never been more organized. The easiest way to stay on top of my business income and expense comes in a very simple yet elegant form.

Susan C. - MPC Wholesalers
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